With Cubase Artist upgrade from Al version

Hi everyone
Im a new membership and got a problem that I cant solve.
I bought Cubase Artist 12 upgrade from AL (box).
I have AL license (on usb e-licenser, made a transfer from e soft licenser some time ago). On this license Im using now AL 11 version.
When I try to activate upgrade I cant. Download Asistant says that I dont have product that I can upgrage with my code. On steinberg account - same information. When I try to activate on usb licenser - it says that my usb licenser control is to old ( but got the newest version )
I really searched the solution of this problem in steinberg official website, steinberg forum and internet as well. Btw I tried to send an e-mail to steinberg but I could not find a related e-mail adress. It’s sad btw. Pls, I rly need help. Stuck in place. Best.

Can you put a screenshot of what the USB e licenser looks like on your elicenser