With italic style, font's left side is cut off...

As a variation on the top of a text being cut off, I now see this problem happening at the left side of a text when choosing Italic style. The font used in the screenshot is Academico:

in Dorico:

Exported PDF:
Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 15.52.05.png
Anything I can do to prevent this from happening? or is this expected behavior when using Italic style and should I insert a space of use padding?

I fixed it by indenting with 1,00 in Pargraph Styles. But I wonder if this is normal when using italic on a font.

I suspect you’ll find this is OK with other fonts: I think I need to adjust Academico’s italic weight so that the characters don’t have negative left-hand side-bearings, which I will take care of as and when I can.

Thanks, Daniel.

HI, Daniel.

Italic letters quite often extend a tiny bit beyond the borders of their enclosing area, which is perfectly normal in order to look “correct”.
See this example; the font is Calibri, screenshot was taken from MS Word:

IMHO it would be better to address this general problem at the printing layer, not by changing the Academico font.

Greetings, E.

Daniel, there’s nothing wrong with Academico! I think one could say that negative side-bearings are the rule rather than the exception for italic fonts. Even in regular fonts glyphs like f, j, A and V often extend beyond their borders! The same problem occurs with Minion Pro, Adobe Caslon, Garamond Premier, just to name a few.

However, does it look good when it’s cut off? I don’t believe so. Even when it’s normal to happen, it doesn’t make it look good. In Pages, the first letter falls outside the text box when using Italic style, but the text is not being cut off:

It’s perfectly normal that there are negative side-bearings, but it’s neither normal nor acceptable (harsh words… from a typographic point of view) that they are cut off.

I’m sure they’ll take care of it when they can. There’s probably bigger fish to fry before. Let’s face it: how many musicians would even notice this?

I would…:mag:

I would notice it for sure, that is why I never saw this and it don’t like it seeing it in my own scores either. But it’s easy to fix for now.

Yeah… me too. But we’re engravers after all. We have a special sort of eyes. With built-in magnifiers, so to speak, and an automatic supervisory authority that painstakingly checks the most minute details.

Is the Academico’s lower case “f” correct? It looks like it needs more space after it.

Yes, it’s correct, or at least it is as I intended it, which I suppose makes it correct!


Thanks Daniel.

Engraving this example from Brant’s Textures and Timbres page 92.
I couldn’t figure out a way to do this with Dynamics, but when using Text to show the dynamic range, the bottom of the “f”'s get cut off when in italics. Any suggestions? Any idea why this is so, and how to fix it?


Dorico - Screen Shot 2020-05-10 at 12.16.51 AM.png

The bottom of the “f” isn’t cut off; that’s just how bold italic “f” looks in Academico. You should probably use Bravura Text instead, which you can use by changing to the ‘Music text’ font style in the top left corner of the text editing popover, then copy and paste the correct dynamics symbols from here.