With version 2.2 is it now possible to hide a cautionary time signature?


I am getting back into Dorico now that I have upgraded to version 2.2 Absolutely awesome program, but we all know that :slight_smile: I am very much at the beginner stage.

I have imported an MusicXML file, which has been read almost perfectly, except for putting in the same time signature mostly at new sections of the original file.

Is there a simple way to hide the cautionary time signature without creating new flows?

See example of what I want to do. The music will be played in a random order, so I only need the time signature on the actual page, not as a cautionary time signature.

Thank you for your help and keep up the great work helping so many folk.
cautionary time signature.jpg

It’s still not possible unless you use separate flows.

… Unless you are willing to use the “Coda” feature in the Repeats menu. Since the Coda text and glyph can be hidden, none would be the wiser. You can then use a page or system break. If you are actually using Coda elsewhere in the piece, make sure to edit the index appropriately.

It seems like this is what flows were created for. (And as they’re not available in other programs, it’s inevitable that some adjustment will be needed to reorganize the music when importing, in order to take advantage of this feature.)

I think Claude has a point here — using new flows for the only purpose of avoiding cautionary markings is not a favorite feature among the Dorician community…

But it seems from what we’ve been told (admittedly not a lot) that this project is sections to be played in random order, which does seem (to me) appropriate to be flows.

You are absolutely right, Ronaldo. I did not read the first post entirely, I apologize for that!

Thank you so much for your answers.

To clarify the music came in as a MusicXML file and there are about 24 sections (continuous music as one file) and in each section Dorico has read the new section and put in a new time signature, even if the previous time signature a bar previous is the same time signature.

I seems a lot of work to put each of these sections in as new flows! Marc and Claude make interesting observations.

I wonder if it is possible to have 24 coda sections, as doing that seems a simple solution. What do you reckon?

If 24 coda sections won’t work, then I will have to brush up on flows.

Best wishes and thank you for your responses.

You can use Write>Split Flow.

See here Splitting flows

Yes, you can do as many “fake” codas as you wish, and hide the labels.