Wither Help?!

OK, here’s a freaky one… I fired up WL7 to do some work today, and needed some assistance from the Help system. So I went to the menu, and saw the usual options:

But when I select them, nothing’s there(!!!):

Note that Home is grayed, and switching to index, bookmarks, etc, nothing at all. Searching is useless.

To the best of my knowledge nothing’s changed on my system since last week, when I used Help. Any idea where they might be found? And if I can’t find them, how might I reinstall the help system?

All of this is just another symptom of a terrible decision to replace real documentation with online help. I’d really prefer to pull a manual off the shelf, to being forced to write in to this forum to recover something so essential. Please Steinberg, stop fooling around and give us real docs. If you put it in a pdf, everyone’s happy - anyone who likes printed ones can print and bind it on their own. Start with the excellent WL6 manual, address the changes, and move on. This isn’t working. The apps been out for 6 months now, and I don’t think I’ve seen a single positive comment about this approach. It’s not as if a few agitators are stirring the pot. Literally NO ONE considers it adequate.
WaveLab 7ScreenSnapz001.jpg

Try reinstalling over the current version.


I was afraid you’d say that. Am I going to lose all my workspaces etc or will they survive the install? And if not, is there a way to preserve them (significant amount of time/energy setting them all up)?

But sure, ok. That gets me going at least. Thanks PG!

If you just reinstall, you loose no setting.
Anyway, before doing this, try this (while WaveLab is not running).

Locate this folder:

/Users/YourName/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/WaveLab-Pro-fr-7/
and erase it.
Now, launch WaveLab again.

Philippe, you rock. Problem solved, help back. Life goes on.

Also, kudos for installations that don’t kill settings. Very elegant and unexpected.