WK-Audio ID Control, Mix etc in Big Sur

Hi, I do not have the ID-control any more, but a friend asked for help to get it working in Big Sur. The installer available from Steinberg download site do not work in Big Sur any longer. So I made a manual way of installing it.

Please download this zip file:
id_manual_install.zip (99.7 KB)
Unzip it and place the following files at the following folders (use Finder to copy the files)

Place the file IdUsbFwLoaderDriver.kext into the folder /Library/Extensions/
Place the file IdUSBMIDIDriver.plugin into the folder /Library/Audio/MIDI Drivers/
You will need to authenticate as an admin user when copying the files.

Now we need to execute two commands from the terminal. Please execute them in the order listed here:

sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Audio/MIDI\ Drivers/IdUSBMIDIDriver.plugin
sudo chown -R root:wheel /Library/Extensions/IdUsbFwLoaderDriver.kext

After a couple of seconds Big Sur will ask you to approve the driver. Go to system preferences, security and privacy and approve the kext there. Then restart at once as Big Sur asks you to.
After the reboot we need to initialize the midi driver. Start a Midi aware app, like Cubendo, then you need to go back to security and privacy and approve the driver.
Restart again and the ID Control should work like before!

This should even be possible on M1 mac (not tested). But as usual to run unsupported drivers on an M1, you will need to go into recovery console first to enable support for it. How todo that can be read all over the internet. For example on RMEs web site.

Hope this helps the few ID users left out there!

Pål Svennevig