WL 10 pro can’t read wav file

Hi everyone
I have a problem with WL10.0.50 on cMP (mi-2010) 8 core with 32 Go ram
High Sierra OS.

I play this stereo file 16/44,1 without any plugins

And look what it happens when the wave windows change!

CPU pick warning and a silent before restarting

This is a problem with the window, when I zoom off without change window
No problem

I have this since WL10 pro 10.0.50 updated

Link here to see the video

You should add a GPU solution to your Mac Mini, or use a screen with less pixels.

I’m with my macpro dual Quad-Core Intel Xeon série E5620 “Westmere”- 2,4 GHz, ATI Radeon HD 5770 - 1 Go memory GDDR5 with an HD screen. 32 GO RAM.

This configuration is not enought powerfull to play files with WL10?

Link for Video: Dropbox - WLPRO10_on_cMP_5.1_8Cores2-4Ghz_ATI_Radeo5770_1Go_32GO_Ram.mov - Simplify your life