WL 10 - Problem removing Basic CD from old projects


I know Basic CD functionality is removed in WL 10, so what I try to do is to open an exisiting old project with Basic CD from previous versions and then remove the Basic CD tab and then store project as new (WL10) version.

But this does not seem to work!
As soon as I click on the Basic CD tab “Close tab” button to remove it WL crashes.

Is this something that may be fixed in future update?

I guess the workaround is to open the old project in WL 9.5 and remove the Basic CD tab there and then open it in WL10.
But ist would be far easier if it was possible to remove it directly in WL10.


To import a Basic Audio CD in WaveLab 10, do this:


Thanks for reply PG.

But I don’t want to import a Basic CD, I just want to remove one from an exisiting project created in WL 9.5 that is opened in WL10.
And when I try to do this WL 10 crashes.
And when I try to close that project and open another project or create a new project WL 10 crashes.

So now WL 10 doesn’t even start, just crashes directly.

Can I reset “settings/configuration files” or anything so that WL 10 do not try to open that specific project, but just an empty project?


Yes. Open this text file: \AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab Pro 10.0\Startup.ini
and erase the line start starts with “Project=”
Then launch WaveLab.


I just tried starting Wavelab while pressing Control key which worked and then I could choose to open New project, so now it works.

I’ll will try to see how Basic CD works in WL 10 with my old projects a little bit more.