WL 10 Startup question


When starting up WL 10 you have an option for opening “Last Project”, which opens last project/file groups/files you were working on, even though it may not have been an actually saved project.
It held together all working files from last session.

This option (Open Last Project) is missing in WL 11, and now you only have an option to open “Recently Used” projects files, but these have to be actual “saved projects”.

  • Is this intentional and what is the reasoning behind it?
  • I thought it was quite handy to be able to open “Last Project”, i.e. last working files even though not a saved project.


“Recently Used Files” (WaveLab 11) is the same as “Last Project” (WaveLab 10).
Just the name has changed.


My bad… didn’t realise you cold click on the text! :grinning: