WL 10 - unresponsive transport (bug?)

this has happened for a while, just never got around around to reporting it… but does anyone else experience WL’s transport just not working?

it doesn’t happen that often… but once every few days… … at first i thought it was after the computer went to sleep, but it’s not that consistent…

but the transport just won’t work… keyboard or clicking the buttons on the screen… have to quite wavelab and relaunch, then it starts working again.

this is on a 2017 iMac running Catalina, but also did it while i have Mojave in.

just something maybe @PG1 can look out for…


With Built-in audio or other audio device
maybe Bluetooth key board ?

I have been using iMac late 2015
and MacBook Air 2013 version with
WaveLab 8, 9, 10 and “Transport” key and button works here.

regards S-EH

What type of mouse and keyboard??? Wired or bluetooth???
Do you have the mouse and keyboard plugged directly into the Mac if they are wired or are you using a hub? I just had to replace an intermittent USB hub on my Mac for exactly the same reason. Best of luck!

using an apple bluetooth wireless keyboard… but, when this happens in WL the keyboard still works in every other program… and, in fact, still works for other key commands in WL…

my mouse is wired.

and, as i said in the original post, even clicking the transport buttons on the screen (not using keyboard) doesn’t work…

this is VERY intermittent… it seems to potentially have to do with project sample rate changing… between open applications (pro tools and WL) or something.

anyway, sounds too idiosyncratic to really be diagnosed, so i’ll just live with it!

As you mention this behavior occurs when ProTools or another app is open, see if this is checked:

File>Preferences>Audio Connections>Options>Release Driver When WaveLab Pro Is In Background

There are reports that suggest ProTools (ultimate) still ‘takes control’ of the audio system … meaning it doesn’t always release the soundcard to another app. I don’t know what to do about that.

Another possibility is that when you go back to WL from PT, your soundcard is ‘locked’ to the previous app and does not accept the message to alter the sample rate if it is different to the last file played. This, for example, was an issue with some RME cards a while back (now fixed … at least mine is … by a firmware update). There would be a long pause (at best) between pressing play and actually getting anything to happen. The fact that it doesn’t occur with other apps like ProTools doesn’t surprise as they only play the one sample rate (or some convert behind the scenes) that the session is set to whereas WL plays the actual sample rate.

Good luck

I work very quickly and am very picky and sensitive to issues like this. I can’t say I’ve ever had this happen.