WL 11.0.20 and RX9

If you are using RX 9 with WL 11.0.20 you cannot stop playback, by using the space bar or clicking on the stop button.The file just keeps playing. If you remove the plug in then everything is normal. FWIW

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Thanks for the heads-up.

Maybe it’s a Windows-only thing but I’m not experiencing this here on macOS Big Sur and RX9 De-Click.

Space Bar stops and starts no problem when RX9 is inserted and visible.

I have WL 11 on my Mac as well. I am using RX 7 not RX 9 and it seems to work fine so maybe it is a “windows” only “thing”. I guess I can download the demo of RX9 and try it. Thanks for the heads up.

With e.g. RX9 De-hum plugin loaded in WL 11.0.20 on Windows 10, if I click in the UI area of the plugin, spacebar does not start/stop, however if I click the title bar of the plugin window, it does work again.

Note that iZotope still don’t list WaveLab as a supported host for RX.

Thanks!!!What a mess…never had that problem with WL 10. Oh well…

As an aside, this behaviour does not occur on my Windows 10 PC with the RX9 De-hum plugin in Cubase 11 (which is currently listed as a supported host on the iZotope website).

Here RX 9 works well with latest W10 en latest Wavelab (11.0.20)

I went back to RX8 and WL 10 for the noise reduction. Too fiddly with WL 11 and RX9.
I got the job done. It would be nice if IZOTOPE would check out their software with WL and find out what is wrong. Maybe RX10 will be better, one can only hope. I understand that the release of RX9 was rushed to get it out.

I stopped using RX because of compatibility issues, basic stuff that I thought Izotope should have addressed ASAP but never did.