WL 11 - IDs shift when rendering

When I render a montage with IDs and sample rate conversion, the IDs shift considerable in the new montage.
Anyone else encountering this?

Well, when you resample while rendering, the resulting audio file has the markers at the proper positions. But if you use the option “open Audio Montage From Result”, then the montage has the markers at the wrong position. The fault is in the option “open Audio Montage From Result”. This will be fixed in the next update. I guess this is what you did?

But you can use the rendered file.

Yes, that’s what I did. So how can I render a final montage from a higher sample rate to 44.1, generate a new 44.1 montage, and keep the markers in the correct place? It’s been super simple in every version of WL that I’ve used up until 11.

Open the audio file and call this:

Anyway, the problem will be fixed in 11.0.10

Thanks so much

Consider also the “Custom Montage Duplicate” option which allows you to recreate an existing montage from a new file of another sample rate. This allows you to SRC using RX, Saracon, or even the WaveLab batch processor which can take a load off vs. rendering and SRC at the same time, and opens up more options since you are not locked in to a given bit-depth.

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Thanks so much. My typical workflow has always been to use the WL internal src/dither to generate a montage with the correct markers and then substitute for the original sample rate/bit depth rendered file after doing src/dither outside.