WL 11 Pro - Spectrogram Editor


Although I have RX Advanced, I’ve always preferred to use the built in Spectrogram editor (typically in m/s mode). It has just been excellent and I have a few presets set up that make it super quick, and transparently effective to use.

My question: It is probably my imagination, but has the display of Spectrogram altered subtly from, say 9.5? I ask this because I am feeling that it is not quite the same.

It matters not but I would like to know out of interest.

Yes, the spectrum editor has been rewritten between 9.0 and 9.5, but for the good. Most noticeable better low-frequency display.

Right … so to be clear … rewritten in 9.5 and it is the same in 11 … or rewritten for 11?

Thanks as always

It has not changed since 9.5, apart multi-channel support

Thank you very much

All the best