WL 64bit loses or scrambles plugins settings

anyone noticed this bug?
I use WL for mastering and recently I’ve repeatedly lost several times the (simple) settings of East West QL Spaces. The plugin were loaded in the effect section of the track of a very simple project. After opening a problem with East West I gave up and repaired on saving settings in a file and restoring them on reopening.
But today I noticed a problem with a Waves plugin, loaded in the same manner, I now I read that some other users have problems with plugins on WL7 64bit. In my case, my Waves L316 settings are totally scrambled on reopening, and the plugin does not pass any audio until I do a “Full Reset”. See the attached picture: Release is a very big number, Release Character has changed, Quantizing is now 22bits, bands 1, 2 and 6 are on and with impossible settings, the graphics is botched.
This doesn’t happen in Cubase 32 or 64bit. This dowsn’t happen in Wavelab 32bit.
So now I definitely suspect this behaviour is a problem in WL7 64bit. If this is not the case, any suggestion is welcome.
L316 lost settings in Wavelab.PNG.jpg

Anyone experiencing a similar behaviour, really?
Waiting for comments by PG also… hoping he’s not too busy releasing v8!

I can not reproduce the described behaviour. “Waves L316” works perfectly an keeps the settings here.
Please contact the manufacurer of the 3rd party plugins first.

Additionally you could reset WaveLab 7 by generating a new preferences folder. The plugins will be rescanned after the next start up of WaveLab 7 and all preferences will be set back as if WaveLab 7 has been freshly installed. In Order to do so, you must rename the WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 folder under this path:

"OS Disk \User<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7
Rename for instance to:
“OS Disk \User<your user name>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 inactive”

The disadvantage of this method is that your personal configuration of WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 is disabled as well. Your adjustments such as preferences and presets are stored in the old renamed folder, and can be moved if needed at any time.

Mac OSx
“/Users//Library/Preferences/WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7”
You must rename for instance to
“/Users//Library/Preferences/WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 inactive”

Windows 7
"OS Disk \User<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7
You must rename for instance to
“OS Disk \User<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab [or WaveLab Elements] 7 inactive”

Thanks Uwe.

It should not be related to a single plugin as I could reproduce it using Waves L316 only (so the problem should have no relationship with Eastwest QL Spaces). The problem does not depend on the program word size also; both 32 and 64bit versions show this behaviour.

A procedure for reproducing the problem is the following, using Wavelab 7 32bit:

  • Remove the preference folder OS Disk \User<Your Username>\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\WaveLab 7
  • Open WL7 32bit (mine starts in Italian according to OS localization)
  • Options -> Global prefs -> General -> set Language = English
  • Quit WL7
  • Start WL 7, Restore last window layout, Keep answer and …
  • New montage, CD compat, 96kHz
  • Put a 3296 file into the montage
  • Zoom out all
  • Save montage under c:\temp\test.mon
  • Options -> Plugin organization -> VST3 flag L316 Stereo as Effect
  • Select Effects
  • Select Track
  • Right click to add VST3 -> Waves -> L316 Stereo
  • Change only the following: Threshold=-8.0, Ceiling=-0.2, Dither none, Shaping none
  • Play
  • Close L316 plugin window
  • Save montage
  • Open a 1644 WAV and play it
  • Go back on Montage
  • Open plugin window, play, close plugin window
  • Save montage again
  • Close montage window, close wav window (and therefore WL)
  • Open Wavelab
  • Open c:\temp\test.mon
  • Open plugin window

Now you can see that some values are messed up! Release=20…00, all data in bands are totally botched, Dither is now Type1. Also, sometimes the plugin doesn’t play anymore.

Thank you for the support and best regards

Thank you for your very detailed description, but again, I can not reproduce the described behavior. Please get in contact with Waves support too.