WL 7.2 Patch - cannot render with directX plugins

serious problem here - impossible to render neither an audio file nor audiomontage using any plugin for the directx interface.
neither ‘process in place’ nor ‘create named file’. wavelab 7.2 (32bit) crashes.

I have the same problem here…

Confirmed. I haven’t found the cause yet.

…guess this problem need some time to get fixed.
can i just reinstall WL 7.1 in the same folder, overwriting the patched files?

Better erase the WaveLab folder because doing this.

The problem has now been identified.

can you tell when a fix will be available?
i’m a bit afraid to go back to 7.1. i’m not sure but supposedly some personal settings and links will be gone after erasing the installationfolder & reinstalling 7.1 afterwards?
would be very annoying if it’s just a few days when the fix is ready.

This has to be discussed internally.

don’t know if it’s an useful information concerning the directx problem - but with wl 7.2 i could install the old Q-Metric plugin (from '98, Audioalgorithm: Soundart by Lukas & Hartmann, GUI Programming Karsten Jochims) and it works (yet no rendering nevertheless).
in wl 7.1.1 this plugin could be installed but it would crash almost immediately.
i really would appreciate a lot if this plugin could be used again. to my ears it sounds better and it’s more kind of handy than the build-in Q plugin.

As workaround you can use the direct-x wrapper ffx-4 (freeware) from vb-audio.
If you use this you can use all direct-x plugins in WL 7.2. I also use it if I want to use direct-x plugins as track or clip-fx in the montage. Here is the link:


thanks, LutzR…hm, guess you meant ‘Install_ffx4_V1005.exe’?

well, installed -> plugin (any) loaded. the plugin works.
yet wl 7.2 still crashes when trying to render…

Strange…here rendering is no problem.
I am still on XP using the 32bit Wavelab 7.2 version. Are you using the 64bit Wavelab version?
Ok, I just saw in your first post that you are also using the 32bit version. I don’t know what could be the reason then…

ah, you’re on xp. cause the rendering problem seems to be an ‘integration in windows’ problem, an interface (directx) problem, it would make a difference if wl runs under xp or a vista descendant os, concerning these difficulties, i guess.
hopefully this will be fixed swiftly. i need the freefilter plugin…