WL 7.2 remote control improvements

After several months of frustration, the remote control from the DM2000 to Wavelab is now working very well with V7.2. It sees the console as a Hui and I can assign surface buttons freely to Wavelab functions. This is a welcome addition.



thanks very much for your feedback. It has taken a while, but now WaveLab is ready to be
controlled via hardware surfaces.


Thank you for this feedback.

I have been wanting to acquire a compact hardware controller to manipulate the values of vst plugs … typically eq and limiter. Rotary knobs like a ‘real EQ’.

I do not want to acquire a mixing desk because I only do mastering.

So, any ideas of what will actually work with WL?


did you check out our CC121 already? Although it’s more tailored to be used with sequencers, it’s well
integrated in WaveLab (Control map for CC121 is already part of WaveLab 7.2).

Here you can find more info: CC121 controller


Just wondering if it’s possible to usee the jog wheel (it’s a toich sensitive strip in my case) on my ‘frontier alphatrack’ for scrolling/jogging.
I have it already set up for play/stop/bypass/mono and things like that but it would be nice to use the jog function as well.
Is that possible and how?
FYI: it’s possible to set it to a MCU emulation.

Thanks Timo …

I had looked at the CC121 but wasn’t sure. You have clarified all I need to know. Will order one.

Best regards,


Hi Everybody,
I use WaveLab Elements 7.2, and I own a CC121. Wavelab seems to see my CC121 but any command works.
CC121 is right designed as “Control deveice” but no result.

In WaveLab Elements, you should see something like this:
Do you? If yes, this should work. Try Master Fader and transport, as a start.

Yes I see it, but mys CC121 doesn’t control anything. And if I change the “port”, I couldn’t go back. I must quit WaveLab to have the default “CC121” port assigned.

Did you try after a fresh reboot, and without executing another application than WaveLab?

What do you mean with this?..

And if I change the “port”, I couldn’t go back.

Hi, not sure if this has been answered here.

Can Wavelab 7 be controlled via Eucon MC Control unit? I use one with Nuendo, but can’t get wavelab to recognise it. It’s more an ethernet controller than a USB MIDI device such as the CC121, I was wondering if anyone was able to get this to work successfully?



I “can’t go back” because the CC disapear if I change the port. I can’t see it again after.
I test everytime without any second application running with WaveLab.
Very annoying