WL 7 issues

Hi I have jsut upgraded from wavelb 4 to 7 - a big jump. Am having a few issues

  1. am getting clitches - these seem to be on playback only and seem to be connected with use of an external mouse.

  2. I have just started recording in multitrack. It seems that WL only records multitrack in separate stereo (or mono) files. This is a pain for editing - is there a way of WL recording to a single multitrack file?

  3. I will do doing quite a lot of multitrack editing of takes together. Am I doing the wrong thing to try and do this in WL? Should I be using another package to do the multitrack editing?

Thanks in advance

regarding issue 1: what do you mean by “clitches” (I assume you mean “glitches”)? Are you hearing a computer-like sound when you move the mouse? If so, I’ll bet that you have a ground problem with your playback system. This can usually be solved by placing a ground lift (a little AC adapter that disconnects the ground wire) somewhere in your system, usually on your speakers (if they are self-powered).

regarding issue 2 and 3: If you’re doing multitrack recording and editing, Wavelab will do this in a pinch but Cubase would be much better. Cubase is made for just that procedure. I use Cubase for multitrack recording, editing and mixing and I use Wavelab for mastering and CD authoring.