WL 8.03 ?

Any news on when WL 8.03 is going to be out and if it fixes the UAD/Slate loading issues?


I would also love to know a specific and more realistic date for the update.

Still lots to be fixed like:

adding two digit numerical prefix to rendered files even if the montage has less than 10 songs.

CD-Text dialoge box opens to wrong track

Ozone and Waves have big plugin GUI issues for me on Mac Pro.

Probably more that I can’t think of right now.

There is the need to wait for a compatibility issue to be fixed, related to upcoming OSX 10.9.

Does this mean waiting until 10.9 is officially released or do you have access to the current beta versions?

Steinberg has of course access to betas of OSX 10.9, and is committed to support 109 as soon as possible.

Philippe, thanks for the update…could you give us a planned time lime at least…planned in October,November…

This does not only depend on me. But we all want this to happen asap.

10.9 golden master has been out for a few days now.

I don’t plan to update my main workstation to 10.9 right away, but I am looking forward to WL 8.0.3 being available hopefully sooner than later.

I hoped that 8.0.3 would be out by now and that 8.0.4 would be the one to officially support OSX 10.9.

Also, is there any news on Waves supporting WL8 yet? As of now it’s not listen on their website as a supported host for OSX.

WaveLab 8.0.3 will support OSX 10.9

Also, is there any news on Waves supporting WL8 yet

WaveLab 8.0.2 already supports Waves 9 plugins. I know many people using these plugins. I ignore why WaveLab is not listed on Waves site.

Windows 8.1 is out, and Mac OSX 10.9 is due out tomorrow. The golden master has been available for some time for developers, although yesterday Apple updated the golden master to version 2, not sure what they had to change.

Let’s hope that this is the week for Wavelab 8.0.3 :smiley:


WaveLab 8.0.3 is planned to be released end of next week!



Thank you! Very excite.

Great news, thanks! So does his mean that with it will come support for Mac OSX 10.9?

Cheers - Drew

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