WL 8.5.10 crashing on quit/close

Wavelab has been crashing quite a bit when I quit Wavelab. Instead of just closing as it normally would, a crash notice appears.

I don’t know what exactly causes it but it’s happening on a regular basis now.

OSX 10.9.2
8.5.10 64-bit

Here are some files that may give a clue:
WL_8-5-10_Crash-Quit.zip (19.7 KB)
WaveLab 8.5_2014-07-31-152332_Mystery-Room-iMac-2.crash.zip (19.8 KB)

These crashes happen in the plugin called 'Elephant"

Thanks for analyzing the crash. I have reported it to Voxengo.

From Voxengo:

Hi! This crash log is not indicative that it’s exactly Elephant
crash. WaveLab may also contribute to the crash if it unloads the
plug-in at the wrong time.

The response to that is inevitable: If WL is “contributing” expect the spec card to be played. That is to say something in Voxengo’s implementation of VST is different from Steinberg’s expectations, if not the written words. :wink:

When removing Elephant while the transport is playing, Wavelab will constantly crash:
WL_Crash_Elephant_Play.zip (22 KB)
WaveLab 8.5_2014-08-01-231841_Mystery-Room-iMac-2.crash.zip (23.3 KB)

This crash log shows precisely a crash happening in the plugin (more accurate than the 1st crash log).
You might (?) solve the problem by activating this option: