WL 8.5.30 crashes on sample rate change

Hi Tim,

I am experiencing this since Yosemite install. If my card is set to 44100 or 48000

And the file is in different sample rate. I play it, WL tried to change the sample rate in the card and crashes.

Rarely it works without crashes but 90% it crashes. Is it possible to fix it in WL?

I have got Prism Sound Orpheus


I could be specific to your sound card. I use a Lynx AES16e here and haven’t had issues when Wavelab 8.5.30 commands a sample rate change to the card.

UPDATE. Naturally, when I attempted to triple check this, I did get a crash but I can’t be sure it was sample rate related. I did some stress testing after relaunching WL and can’t get a crash.

Attached is the crash log.
WaveLab 8.5_2015-07-08-122716_Mystery-Room-iMac-2.crash.zip (23 KB)

Yeah I think that the card might take longer to change sample rate and WL just crashes. It was never the case before Yosemite.

Try to toggle this setting:
2015-07-09 06_48_47.png

Hi PG,

this setting is already enabled, so should be something else.

I have contacted Prism Sound, they just got license fro Wavelab and are going to test it as well.

Best Regards

It is recommended to have the setting enabled. But in rare cases, it is better when not enabled. This is why I suggested you to toggle it.

ohh, disabling it helped, no more crashing:)