WL 8.5 after fresh install distortion in level


I made a fresh install of WL 8.5 and suddenly every project I made with 8.0 is overdriving and overloaded.
When I load WL 8.0 everything is fine as it should be.

When I load a single file into WL 8.5 the loudness level is much more than in 8.0

What might be the reason for this behaviour and where can I reduce this overall level while keeping my old projects in their original loudness?

Are you speaking about a change in playback level?
Maybe the speaker configuration (bottom of the Master Section) has changed?

Maybe its just the following:

1: Detick the checkbox in options—>global program settings---->formats: AES-17 standard for RMS levels
This changes the RMS metering (to the normal setting).

2: In the Mastersection, on the right side next to to “peak reset” (underneath the levelmeter) , there is a little button “analyze exact peak levels”, detick this also.

For me this solved the problem. I was very confused too.
Maybe the english translations are a little different, I´m using the program in german language.