I developed a FIO plugin a while ago due to need for a special file format which worked until WL 8.0. However, WL 8.5 seems to have modified the FIO API so that it is incompatible with existing plugins (host info for example). The FIO API header file seems to be missing from the installation in 8.5.

Is it still possible to create FIO plugins for WL 8.5 and newer? I would appreciate any information on that subject.


With AAC the system had to be changed, indeed. And since I had hardly any feedback about this interface for 10 years, it was decided to cancel it, to make it more flexible for “inside WaveLab”.
What was you file format about?

Well, that’s not good news :frowning: .

It is a multitrack file format containing layered stock music. I was developing that plugin in order to have a fast and convenient way to preview and import those files into projects (instead of going through an inconvenient hoop involving an external tool). I actually wanted to develop an import plugin for Nuendo, so I could directly import those files into Nuendo while selecting the layers to import. But the required SDK is not publicly available.

And now even the WaveLab option is gone. I’m a Steinberg user almost as long as I’m a professional software developer, and thus I’d really like to have the option to develop a plugin in case there is the need for something special the tools do not handle. Especially as the required plugin interfaces are already existing for both Nuendo (project filter & audio file handler) and WaveLab (FIO).