WL 8.5 metering BEFORE post processing - how?

For me the main reason to upgrade to 8.5 is Post Processing so I can finally use my ARC 2 room compensation plugin correctly e.g. not to worry about disabling it every time I render AND to see the actual metering of the processed audio (e.g. meters affected by Effects / Master / Dither only). To my surprise however metering is still done AFTER the Post Processing slot!?
Is it necessary to adjust the behaviour in any way or what am I doing wrong?

First question: are you using the update 8.5.10?


To my surprise however metering is still done AFTER the Post Processing slot!?

The Master Section section metering is not done after post-processing (unless you activate the monitoring button in front of the post processing slot).

But yes, the other independent meters do meter after the Master Section.

Too bad :open_mouth:
Then PLEASE make it an option to meter before / after Post - I need to see meters / spectrums of the processed but not room compensated audio, however for Encoder Checker it makes sense to meter AFTER it to see what various encoders actually “do” to the audio material.
Otherwie I have no reason to upgrade to 8.5 … :frowning:


I understand the interest of the option. It could happen on the future, i have to evaluate the work.

Just want to chime in and say I’m also interested in the independent meters not being affected by the post-processing slot, like an instance of ARC2 inserted there.

And also, to have the post-processing slot change with each selected speaker configuration (or to have each speaker configuration have its own insert slots, like in Cubase.)

hello PG,
do you have any news regarding this option

Still to be evaluated…

After a whole year?? Very disappointing…

After a whole year??

This is not the only thing I have been working on :wink:

hello PG,
do you have news ?

do you have news ?

No, unfortunately. This is still in the todo list.

This would be EXTREMELY helpful for ARC2, Sonarworks Headphone Ref, etc!!!

is this always the same in Wavelab 9 ?

Yes :blush:


I thought the whole point of the post-processing slot was to be able to use software like the ARC 2 without it affecting the metering displays. (That it also wouldn’t render it as well would be a given).