WL 9.5pro not receiving DANTE input, playback fine

Running MAC 11.3.1 BigSur with WL 9.5 pro, DANTE with Focusrite A16R and SSL Nucleus2. Everything is up to date and I see audio coming into the A16R, and I can route audio out of WL to the SSL for monitor, but WL is not accepting audio from the A16R. I have green connection in DANTE Router, but WL gives me “Cannot open Wave device for recording. Are you sure your audio device supports the currently specified sample rate and/or bit resolution? Check also if the input of the audio device is in slave or auto-sync mode.”
There are no issues, everything is locked and in the green on Dante controller.
Anyone run into this problem?

What is your soundcard? DVS?
I’m not sure but I vaguely remember somebody mentioned an issue with DVS and BigSur…

Yes, DVS. All works fine though when using 32HD with ProTools.

What is 32HD and what is ProTools?

32HD is Focusrite PCI card for ProTools (which is a DAW).
Wavelab is still not receiving Dante input on MAC version of Wavelab 9.5Pro.
Anyone have resolution for this problem? Playback is fine, it is just input not being seen.
Thank you.