WL Elements 7's Sonnox Plugins in Cubase 6.5?

Can WL Elements 7 64bit Sonnox Plugins be used(opened) in Cubase 6.5 64 bit? i’ve tried this, but with no success. i’ve tried the JBridge also with no success. Please advise. Thanks :confused: The Sonnox Denoiser plug (which seems to work very well in WL) reminds me of a plugin called “Ray Gun”. Anyone remember that one? Also, in future release will we be able to “Select Wavelab as Audio Editor” from inside Cubase? i thought that was a good thing. Just my thought. Thanks again.

I’ve tried as well, no success either. :neutral_face:

Switching plug-ins between Wavelab and Cubase and vice versa doesn’t seem to work too well.

Confirmed. However, before anyone loses sleep over this, while it might have some technical interest, if you already have WaveLab and Cubase, there’s not much (any?) benefit in being able to load WL plugins in Cubase, especially when you consider that loading an exported file in WaveLab is already a configurable option in Cubase.

That is only available for the lastest Cubase version, correct? It has been suggested that maybe Wavelab could process a file that is opened in Cubase and the changes take place in Cubase instantly or after refreshing. I think that sounds interesting. Not having 6.5, I don’t quite know what C6 and W7 are capable of at this point.

I think it was with the first 6.x update, maybe 6.0.1. The sample editor in C6 is quite good enough for most things IMHO.

i did find in Cubase 6.5 in the Export Audio Mixdown feature, you have an option at the bottom of this window to either upload to SoundCloud or open in Wavelab. But, it would be nice to select this feature in the Preferences window in Cubase! Just tick or untick the feature and there you are. Not a feature that is truly needed but i thought it was really nice…Just my thought again. :sunglasses: