WL Elements Master Rig Linear Phase EQ Button


just having trouble finding a corresponding Linear Phase-Button on the EQ-Section of the Master Rig.

In the manual it only mentions the option to switch it on/off but I’m having trouble seeing anything like this.

I suppose it must be somewhere in the coloured section of each indivial EQ-module (I remember seeing this in the WL Pro version) but nothing to see.

To make sure i’ll attach a screenshot.

Thanks for anyone’s help.

Best regard

I think this option is only available in the WaveLab Pro version.

Thanks Phillipe for chiming in -
at least I’ve found this Linear Phase option described in the WL Elements Plugin Manual. So I assumed it must be available. Otherwise it needs to be corrected I guess. It was one of those neat little options that convinced me to stay up to date with the current WLE-versions.
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…Re Linear Phase Mode in Master Rig-EQ for WL Elements:
can anyone else confirm what Phillipe is assuming?
Is it available or not?
Thanks a lot!

You’re right. The linear phase section is there in the manual, but the button is not there in the Elements master rig, like it is in Pro. Either the Elements manual is wrong or the Elements master rig is wrong.

…thanks bob99 for chiming in - so yes, somewhere there’s a mistake. I’m afraid it will be the manual. Too bad.
(Of course it’s easier to edit that part out of the manual than to implement the function into the EQ :wink: But the latter would make a lot of WLE users happy i guess :slight_smile: