WL Montage Markers Move When Changing Sample Rate

EDIT: I just saw PG has noted this issue before, saying it would be corrected in 11.0.10. Seeing as it still seems to be present in 11.0.10 I shall leave this report here.

I seem to have encountered a bug where markers move when changing a montage’s sample rate.

For example, I made a 96kHz session and placed a marker at 10 seconds. I then went into the ‘File > Info’ menu and changed the sample rate to 48kHz. When returning to the View tab, the marker has moved to 20 seconds (though the time in the Markers list did not update until I clicked on the marker in the timeline, which had already moved to 20 seconds). So halving the sample rate doubled the time of the marker, which makes me wonder if markers are tied to samples, rather than timecode.

I may have overlooked something and this could be user error, in which case I will be pleased to learn something new :blush:

Wavelab Pro 11.0.10
macOS Catalina 10.15.7

Markers are internally tied to samples. When resampling, there is a conversion.
But when you do what you show here, there is no resampling, this is just a way to correct the montage sample rate stamp eg. because you selected the wrong sample rate in the first place.

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That makes sense. I can see I might not be using it as intended, thank you for your reply!

Custom Montage Duplicate is a great way to change the montage sample rate but retain marker and clip placements, as well as other important data.

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Thanks Justin, I’ll use this in future!