WL Pro 10.0.50 - Speaker Configuration

after the last WaveLab update, the 10.0.50, the monitor outputs no longer work correctly … Only the first output works …

What do you call the “monitor outputs”? Isn’t it simply an Audio Connection Setting change?

In the master section, in the speaker configuration, there is only the first output that works, the other three no longer work.

Looking for a bit, I managed to get the first and second to work but the third and fourth no longer work …

A bug was corrected in this section.
Describe what is your exact port configuration.

I have a PrismSound Atlas, the four speaker ports are assigned to different outputs on the sound card. I managed to make the first two outputs work and the 3 and 4 do not work … The meter of the master section works but nothing happens on the sound card … I also tried with a Steinberg UR824 and the problem is the same. I want to clarify that it worked fine with version 10.0.40

I need to see a screenshot of each of your 4 speaker settings, in the Audio Settings Dialog, to maybe figure it out.

Here are the pictures

You’re not alone on this issue. Before the upgrade, I had my Hilo playing to my Dutch & Dutch 8c’s via AES on 5&6 and to my Audeze headphones via Analog on 7&8. After the upgrade, WL won’t play to my headphones if they’re on 7&8. The only way I can get it to play through the headphones is if I move the headphones/Analog to 5&6 (or lower than AES Out) and the 8c’s/AES to 7&8 (or higher than the Analog Out). I also tried changing the Speaker Configuration order but it didn’t help. The only thing that worked was making the AES Out a higher # Out than the Analog Out.

I sent the screenshots and no response … it still does not work …

Same Problem here with Steinberg AXR4 USB. Only one output works.

Thank’s for your help jkiu

Yes, I unfortunately confirm the problem.


On my cMP MacOS 10.13.6

This last update doesn’t fix the graphic problem with Plug Ins.

And i saw also, in a montage “clip” insert plug ins is impossible.

No problems here inserting plugins on a clip. Can you explain more?

This thread was about Speaker Configuration, hence I close it, to prevent mixing topics.

Why is the topic closed? I have the same problem.

Maybe when the old forum was converted to the new forum it became unlocked again. It was closed because Steinberg is the aware of the issue and the thread got off topic.

I see, so we are left with a confirmation that their software update is buggy, but no fix. Unfortunate and inconvenient. A workaround or a guide to reinstall the previous version would have been helpful