WL Pro 11.2 "Keep undo versions" behaviour


I brought up this topic before (as a side note in a prior post), but I think my research on this topic got unnoticed, so I thought it would be a better idea to start a separate topic on that:

If I choose “Create Empty” at the Start-Up Dialog in WL11, and then open an audio file in the audio-editor, the function “Keep Undone Versions” is grayed out in the History Tool Window. (Same applies to a montage)

Now closing WaveLab (with the file still open) and then afterwards starting WL via the “Recently Used Files” Option in the Start-Up Window (Recent Tab) this function isn’t grayed out anymore and one can select to enable or disable it. (Same applies to opening a previous saved project)
You can close and open WL with this function being active as long you’re not closing the audio file.

But if you close the file, then close WL, restart via “Recently Used Files” - it of course then opens an empty window, but now again the function is grayed out (same as with "Create Empty).
So currently it seems this function being available is depending how you start your session.

Question: Is this the way the function is intended ?
Or shouldn’t it be available direct from the start for a newly opened file also ?

Sorry for being stubborn …
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Your report was already noted. I think this is a bug to fix.


Wow !
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