WL Pro 11 - adding tracks - no multi channel option

Why is that? There are only options for mono, stereo or reference tracks in Montage, but no possibility to add another surround/multi channel track. If the Montage is set to a channel format, it should be easy to offer adding tracks exactly in this channel format.

The idea was not to duplicate what Cubase or Nuendo already do and to propose some alternative simple framework. You will find some cons, but the positive points are:
Since each channel cluster is located on a separate track (eg. L/R, C, LFE, Ls/Rs), this allows having effects and automation applied on each cluster, directly, without further busing complication, and also to use all possible plugins (you don’t need surround compatible plugins).

I fully understand and appreciate this! But, there is often the need to just work with multi-channel files in their full integrity. I don’t know what is more important for other users, maybe there could be an additional mode (“interleaved mode”) for all who need that.
And there should be an option for new tracks exactly in what format the Montage is set. That would be very beneficial no matter what work flow you support. Or?

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I think you are trying to make WL 11 in to Nuendo. It is not something that Steinberg is going to want to do as these are two separate products and WL is basically used for editing, mastering and restoration and Nuendo is used for multi-track surround and post-production.

From the WWW

Nuendo is a digital audio workstation developed by Steinberg for music recording, arranging, editing and post-production. The package is aimed at audio and video post-production market segments, but also contains optional modules that can be used for multiple multimedia creation and audio sequencing.

WaveLab is a digital audio editor and recording application. WaveLab was started in 1995 and it is mainly the work of one programmer, Philippe Goutier. Audio can be edited as a single file, a series of files or a multi-track “montage”. It fully supports [VST 2 and 3 plugins] for audio processing. Mastering is one of the most important parts of the music production process. It is a unique art and, for 25 years, WaveLab has been the number one choice for mastering professionals. WaveLab is a complete mastering solution, with every tool that you will ever need to cover your workflow from start to finish.

It is pretty clear to me that these are programs for entirely different purposes. Trying to make WL into a “one size fits all” software is, IMHO, not going to happen. FWIW

WL is certainly not designed to be just another full featured DAW like Cubase or Nuendo. WL is and should stay an audio editor, but editing/mastering is not only (!) stereo anymore in 2021.
So, at least for me, it would make absolute sense to give WL multichannel tracks to stay a competitive audio editor.



+1 - sounds sensible. Amazes me how the wholesale ditching of current/historical workflow methods, seemed like a good idea…

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Fine. But for example, how has the new paradigm affected existing Nuendo/Cubase → WL and back again workflow, wrt multi-channel files staying intact.?

You should be able to open a multichannel cubase event inside WaveLab, like you could do in the past with stereo file.

Frankly, you just don’t get these topics since years and are repeating yourself with the resulting non-understanding and nonsense. Educate yourself - you’re not in the position to educate others here. And maybe marry your straw man …

Exactly! Otherwise it lookes like WL gets crippeled because of marketing reasons.

Talk about not understanding. You don’t GET IT! You want WL to be a Nuendo clone and that is NOT what it is designed to be. It is basically a two track mastering and editing program USED for MASTERING and RESTORATION. Wake up! PG added some nice features in WL11 including the ability to import multichannel files he did not make it a multi-track post production program. If you want the features of Nuendo then buy it and use it.

As mentioned I own two licenses of Nuendo 11 and others. You’re not even funny anymore. Couldn’t you get a different hobby, instead of posting about things you’re clueless?

Then why not USE them instead of wanting to change WL???

So how do you process (Final limit) a file that has been sent out to an analogue loop and back into Wavelab 11, iirc you cannot render files that are on a reference track

“Then why not USE them instead of wanting to change WL???”

You seem not familiar with the concept of having different ‘views’ on audio material as an artist. What I guess is a positivistic attitude by you on just comparing technical editing capabilities. That leads you to think in doubling of functions. But here it is about different approaches and in the end about epistemiological theories/knowledge.
As I mentioned, you failed completely in this regard.

With this post I am done replying to you. You seem to be fixated on YOUR NEEDS and that is fine. There are others in the world that do not share your wants and needs, Best of luck!

Finally! What a relief - I knew there must be something good in you. Thank you.

You are the most obnoxious forum poster I’ve come across in a long while. Maybe read back a couple of your comments and see how you come across. Thanks.