WL pro 9.5 / clicks & crackles within the first seconds of rendered file


Since some time i’m getting occasional clicks and crackles with the first few seconds of a rendered file out of a montage.
As far i could investigate about it,

  • it’s only in the first track
  • it happens when processing / plug-ins are applied to a clip
  • it’s not with every montage, although the same plug-in chain is applied.
  • It seems to be independent which plug-ins are used.
  • the buffer sizes doesn’t matter about this issue.
  • it’s usually gone if i place a random track with random plug-in processing prior the actual first track, to be the “victim”.

Any ideas?

Thanks and all best,


This strongly suggests something going on with a particular plugin.

Have you tried the same plug in chain in the montage Output (as opposed to a clip)? Does it do the same.

When you say it’s not with every montage … are the non affected montages the same sample rate as those that are affected? For example, is a 48kHz montage not affected but a 96kHz montage is.

How much RAM are you running?