WL11.2 and DDP export

Hi - did not find an answer so here is my question: why the DDPID and DDPMS files created by WL11.2 have the “.txt” suffix added (comparing to PQDESCR file which has no suffix)? There is a company what argues they are unable to process my DDP files due to the fact these two are “text ones” so they are not executable…damn. I am sure this is nonsense (the files are descripting the overall situation so they are in principle just text files; I think this shall not be important for the software which is processing the DDP data…). Or am I missing anything?

Thanx for reply, Pavel

EDIT: if I delete the “.txt” suffix from both file names then the DDP data are processed correctly. Used software (AFAIK): Sonoris DDP Creator on MAC platform.

I have just created a DDP on both Mac and Windows, and I don’t see that. Strange!

Hmmmmm…will try again tonight. Just to be sure: DDP is created based upon Audio Montage. I hope I did not overlooked any file but PQDESCR had been created without suffix.

Thnx for feedback, PG1, will reply later with the results from second attempt.


I have just created a DDP (with CD text) and, like PG, do not see a txt suffix?

Definitely strange. OS is Win11, latest build (22H2 if I remember correctly). I will add some screenshots too if I see the behaviour is the same (i.e. different from yours :-D). Are there both files created (i.e. DDPID and DDPID.txt for example) or just DDPID only? This question is based upon the fact for the MD5 checksum file there have been created “CHECKSUM.MD5” and “CHECKSUM_MD5.TXT” files - whereas the CHECKSUM.MD5 is the only important one (from the both).


So…the e-mail web client caused all “problems”. It had added the suffix to the enclosed files (because I did re-send them due to the fact I forgot to add them to the ZIP archive). Well - I really did not think about this might have happened :smiley:
Thanx anyway for all the replies, WL export to DDP is absolutely correct :slight_smile:

Good info to remember!

Definitely. The PPQDESCR file was OK because it had not been “recognized” as TXT (even it is human readable contained ASCII characters) so that is why it was downloaded from the client’s attachements without any change in its name.

So a man has to be sure to upload the DDP files in one container (ZIP archive or so) to avoid this.


Exactly this is a mastering guy I know doing all the time to be sure
even check to unzip in his place to be extra sure before sending out the DDP, so yes a good point!

regards S-EH

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