WL11 and Windows 7 - works but no GUI for Steinberg plugins

Hi! I’m still on Windows 7 64 and reluctant to upgrade a working system (using WL10 everyday with no problems).

I couldn’t find any info about compatibility with older OS, so I decided to try out WL11 anyway and it seems to work surprisingly well- all except for the Steinberg plugins which have no GUI. I can hear them working, and some will open with the Generic GUI, but most won’t. All 3rd party plugins I tried so far (both VST2 and VST3) are working and have functioning GUIs.

Since Windows 7 is not supported, I can’t really complain, but maybe this can be sorted out somehow. So I’m wondering if anybody knows of a workaround or a solution until I can upgrade the OS.

I hope this is useful information for all other WaveLab users who are still on Win7.

Thanks for the great work so far.


The requirements can be found on the Steinberg site.
For WaveLab 11, this 64-bit Windows 10 Version 20H2 and Version 21H1

Yes, yes, I knew it was meant for Windows 10 and up, but was curious to see if it would work anyway :slight_smile: Actually did my all my work today on WL11, using 3rd party plugs instead of the built in ones. Really enjoying the new Montage window capabilities.