WL11 external effect add picture

Tried to add a picture to the external effect plugin today by clicking on the picture button (photo showing settings of hw). It opens a browser but I was not able to select a jpeg or pdf format picture from any folder. What format picture is accepted? is there a max size or so?

.jpg and .png (the default format extensions) work in any size, .pdf doesn’t work.

You can download and try with these:

I downloaded your picture. If I try to load it in WL from disk it is greyed out; not selectable… The same as with my photo.
I am on Mac by the way but I guess it should not make a difference…

I’m on Windows 10 and it works, maybe there’s a flaw in the WL Mac version.

Ah wait PNG works!
Would be better id jpeg also works as I tend to make a photo of the hardware.
Steinberg can you please confirm if jpeg works on WL 11.2 on mac?

thx for your help!

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