WL12 question: ALT Key in Montage

I looked everywhere in the Manual, i searched the Forum and the internet but couldn’t find an answer.
What is the purpose of the ALT Key tool in AudioMontage?
It allows me create a rectangle selection but nothing is selected.
I’m sure i’m missing something pretty obvious here.

AltKey Montage

Zoom I guess maybe different on PC or Mac!?

regards S-EH

Windows 10 PC here.
Zoom is with CTRL key.
I can’t understand the symbol either. It appeared to be something to do with envelope points but it doesn’t allow for any type of selection.

Use this to select multiple envelope points so that you can move all at the same time or delete all. The mouse cursor symbolizes an envelope.

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It doesn’t seem to work.
As you can see from the gif i shared (1st post) i dragged the mouse cursor on top of several envelope points and no one is selected.
I have now tested again by selecting one point beforehand, then clicking ALT and no additional points are selected.
I’ve also tried selecting several points by clicking them while holding the ALT key but it doesn’t select more than one at a time.

What am i doing wrong?
(WL 12.0.20 on Windows)

This works for the points of one envelope inside a single clip. This does not work to select envelope points across clips, as your gif seems to do.


It works that way!
Is this feature anywhere in the Manual? I feel kinda silly not having found any info about it.

I will ask the Steinberg manual department.

Is this what you are looking for:

Page 461

To raise or lower the entire envelope curve, make sure that no curve point is selected, click the envelope curve, and drag up or down. Do not drag a segment that is limited by selected points.
● To adjust the envelopes in all selected clips, hold down Alt , and drag any envelope curve up or down. This is a quick way to adjust the level or pan of multiple clips at the same time and also to adjust both sides of a stereo envelope simultaneously.
● To move a fade in/fade out point vertically, Ctrl/Cmd -click and drag the fade point.
● To change the level or the fade in/out time of multiple envelopes at the same time, select the clips that you want to edit, press Alt , and edit the envelope with the mouse.

Yes but that doesn’t work. At least, not for me! (see EDIT below)
It works in only one clip at a time even when selecting several clips.
It’s as @PG1 said: only one clip at a time.

MultiClip Montage

EDIT: the Manual is correct. They mention “to adjust the envelopes” and not to select several points.

Selecting several points with the ALT key is only possible in one clip at a time.