WL12: remove "Audio Montage" auto-fill on render destination

how do we permanently get rid of this auto-filled “Audio Montage” that gets inserted into the destination path when rendering? it’s easy to manually delete, but i’d rather it not show up at all as i don’t want WL to dictate where my files should be rendered.

Screen Shot 2024-01-26 at 8.09.36 AM

Click once on “Audio Montage”
and X Delete Contextual Folder

regards S-EH

yes, i know you can delete it manually… but i would like for it not to show up at all. it is an extra step we didn’t have to do in previous versions. would prefer a setting to permanently remove this feature.

i would imagine engineers who have been using WL for many years and have a system of working don’t now want WL to automatically define where they render their files.

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Somehow I’ve developed a way to never see this button.

I always use Render Presets for rendering so I’m guessing in that case, this new button gets removed.

Try restart WL and see…

regards S-EH

i use render presets as well, and the button inserts itself into my path!

Hmm. I’ll take a closer look to see how I’ve been able to permanently remove that button unless for some reason I want it to be enabled.

It is possible.

thanks, and i’ll keep an eye on the behavior as i work and report any findings.

Hopefully PG will know the answer. I just looked again and I can only trigger that Audio Montage button to appear when I intentionally enable it, which is basically never.

Otherwise, it stays off as it should.

There must be something else going on to trigger it to keep coming back but I currently can’t guess what that might be.

To make a story short, do the following to have the WaveLab 11 behavior:

  1. Set the folder you like
  2. disable the option “Keep Independent Folder for Each Source File”

More explanations now. WaveLab 12 offers more rendering options for the locations.

  1. Option “Keep Independent Folder for Each Source File”

When a montage is created, by default the rendering location is the contextual folder (what you don’t want; but see further also).


  1. contextual folders

This is actually a useful feature for those who render audio relatively to the montage root (or project root). One interest is that such contextual folders are saved/restored with render presets.

See the manual

thanks, PG…

yes, that folder would show up every time after i quit and rebooted WL… i have tried the above of unchecking “keep independent…” and we’ll see if it gets rid of it next time i quit and reopen…