WL7(64bit) on Win7(64bit) doesn't load Waves & other plugs

Hi good people, well, i just blew $600.00 on an app i thought i could trust to recognize AT LEAST my more popular plugins - not to mention the most important ones, such as Waves and Antares, for me. It won’t load 90% of my other plugs too. No joke, 85 to 90 percent of all my plugs are unusable in Wavelab 7.2 in Win7 (64bit). My DAW’s fast and optimized well and i have been doing this for awhile so it’s not user error i assure you (i have Sonar X1 and it picks up literally EVERY plugin i have on my PC). I also have Sound Forge 10 and it picks them up too; same for FL Studio 10. Who wants a 600 buc editor that only sees a handful of your needed plugins. I can’t believe the author, as smart as he is, didn’t spend enough time in this crucial area. I would rather it recognize my plugs (as ALL the others do, proving there’s no excuse anyone can come up with) and not have all the ‘bells-n-whistles’ and ‘niceties’, than to have all those things yet not be able to load someones most important workhorse plugins.

Anyway, i’m through ranting. It’s just that it’s so much dough to let go and all you’re left with is stock plugins - which are descent - but that’s not the point. Oh, i forgot to say i’ve tried everything to have WL recognize them and it’s no go. The bottom line is there just wasn’t enough time spent on this major area of the app. If only i could get a refund on on this “popular” yet “crippled” app i would.


You’re complaining that a 64-bit app doesn’t handle 32-bit plugins. The other apps you mention are 32-bit, and so naturally have no problem. Do you actually have any particular need to run the 64-bit version of WaveLab at this point?

You still have the 32-bit version of WaveLab to run - have you also complained to the plugin manufacturers that they don’t provide 64-bit versions?


Hi Paul, no, you’re not getting what i’m saying. I’m saying it won’t recognize most of my plugins, not “not handle them”. I want the 64bit version on my system because i work fast and have a lot of it to do. My 64bit Sonar sees ALL my 64 and 32 plugs just fine, whether they’re bridged or not, 32bit or not. Some i use jBridge on. Do you see what i’m saying? All Wavelab “sees” is just a few plugs - it SHOULD see at least three-fourths of them, 64bit or 32bit, because i’ve several other apps which sees them regardless of their bit depth. The bottom line is, and one no one will admit, is that the creators didn’t spent enough time testing, researching, etc, that part of the program. If they did, it would work JUST LIKE Sonar, SF, and Audition work (64 or 32 bit not-withstanding). Wavelab DID recognize and add a few plugins to the bank such as BBE Sonic Maximiser, A few Nomad plugs, and the Glue compressor, but my expensive plugs, such as Waves, Antares, and some others, it doesn’t add. Does anyone here know what Steinburg’s license policy is on selling their software. I feel ripped off to the max.

WaveLab 7 doesn’t include any 32/64-bit bridging facility, certainly. And a lot of plugins had to be updated to work with it, because they were not fully following the VST specs (the fact that they had been getting away with it doesn’t change the fact), so it is very important to have the latest versions. Looking through the forum, it seems to me that most of these problems have got resolved in the end - but I can’t say more than that, as I don’t use any of the plug-ins that have given people problems.

Meanwhile, although I approve of moving to 64-bit apps in general, I doubt that working with 32-bit WaveLab would give you perceptibly different speed or capabilities, unless you are using any exclusively 64-bit plugins.


I see. Thanks Paul. Yeah, well, i downloaded v6.1 to use in 32bit mode so i guess i’ll try that, but the very fact that i’m forced to use v6 shows that because of their negligence to stick to their own specs, i’ve essentially paid for a version i can’t use (because i won’t work with an editor if it doesn’t load my fav plugs; i’ld rather use an inferior product). Legal thief’s you are Steiny, but i forgive you, knowing how fractured the workforce is and the world in general for that matter :astonished: .

Not so. WaveLab 7 is working within the VST specs, but in ways that were not correctly handled by some plugins. I don’t suppose the plugin manufacturers would have made the changes they have if they felt they could argue it was really WaveLab’s fault they no longer worked with it.


Supporting 32 bit plugins in a 64 bit application, is not that easy, neither performant. More and more plugin manufacturers are switching to the 64 bit world, hence I prefer spending my efforts on developing other parts of WaveLab, rather than trying to compensate for plugin manufacturers than haven’t switched to 64 bit yet.

Hmm…I do not understand your logic whatsoever.

You are willing to rollback to an old tired version like 6.1 but refuse to use your just purchased 32bit version of 7.2.1 (that about 99.9% of us are using) that will read ALL your plugs perfectly fine?

Fact: The 64 bit version of Wavelab brings nothing to the table speed wise and will not suddenly make you better or faster. The only reason anyone would ever choose 64 bit Wavelab is when exclusively using ALL 64 bit plugs.

Q: Why the instant hassle when you could be working with 7.2 (32bit) right now?


PS: Also - unless you are using a new version of Waves (V9) which I do not believe is even out yet - your Waves plugs are not true 64bit. Neither is Antares (as far as I can see).

Wavelab 7 32bit runs smoothly,you won’t be disappointed.And you can use Waves plugins fine.Try it

One feature of Waves version 9 is 64-bit operating system support, but it´s not released yet.

As they said, it’s coming in March… :slight_smile: