WL8 Price

I want to buy the upgrade to WL8 from WL7 but I can’t see any way of doing this from the Steiny site.

No upgrade prices announced yet.Let’s hope they are low…I won’t be upgrading otherwise,Wavelab 7 suits me fine

On the paper, on terms of features, Elements 7 and 8 look very similar… :frowning:

I’m waiting until after the manual has been made available for download, then after I’ve read it, I’ll decide whether I need the upgrade or not.

There’s no mention of any changes to e.g. the spectrum editor in the marketing blurb. I’m OK for limiters, compressors and dithering, I’ve already got CurveEQ thanks to Cubase 7, EBU metering with DigiCheck, don’t need speaker management, so it’s going to be down to workflow improvements … the “volume clip handles” looks interesting, but it’s hard to understand what AutoClip is and what it will bring that will be worth the upgrade.

So in other words … the manual better have enough detail in it this time to explain these things before I buy!!

I haven’t seen anything about a real manual yet. In the ‘150+ Further Improvements’ section it says: “And the improved in-app help system provides guidance in any situation.” Uh-huh… :confused:

Are we lucky to have Eucon integration?

At the end of this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=hijzJDbRj8g
you can hear the update prices: 149 Euro for Wavelab 6, 99 Euro for Wavelab 7

I confirm the manual is rewritten entirely, weights 5x more than the previous one. It is not mentionned because marketing does not consider this as a “feature”, I guess.


Yay! That adds some “weight” to the argument :smiley:

PG - I noticed in the WL v8 specs for Mac, OS X 10.8 only is supported, not 10.7. Was this to reduce the testing effort on a single OS, or is there a technical limitation with OS X 10.7? Thanks.

YES! Thank you! Maybe we should host a poll in this forum to ask users if they consider a better manual to be at least as critical as a new “feature”…

Thanks for sharing the video. I think the upgrade prices are pretty fair. The guy doing the demo says that WL8 will be available in a few weeks (in April) but I’ve seen other info on the Steinberg site that says May 2013.

I hope the guy in the video ends up being correct.

Seeing as I will be updating anyway, can we download the manual prior to WL 8 going on sale? Even the marketing department can see that would be a useful marketing idea.

That’s good to know! And I very much like the new features in the loudness department and the master transport section. This will be a direct purchase for me - the price sounds reasonable.

Osx 10.7 is also supported.

There is a possibility of update from wavelab element 7 to wavelab 8, for the price difference (i think).


Is Osx 10.6.8 supported?

Any improvements in the Time Stretch & Pitch Correct department (Elements)?
And about Sonnox plug-ins?

Osx 10.6.8 is not supported. It might work with eg. 8.0.0, but there is no guarantee for future updates.

Time stetching has not changed.

Sonnox plugins for mac osx 32 bit, have been updated (cocoa versions)

Hm, why I should update? Since WLab 7 GUI isn’t made for me(!), I started my mastering sessions in Nuendo and with N6, these process is more comfortable. All these Plugins from WLab 8 are in N6 yet. Why i should pay for this again? Loudness meter, Loudness track and control monitors in Nuendo already. I had hoped there are big changes in GUI, but I don’t see any in WLab 8 videos. Think, these will be the first version which I skip. Mastering in Nuendo and only fine-tuning/CD-burning in WLab 7 …