WL9 and Ogg Vorbis?

Ogg is listed as a supported file type… but I can’t open an OGG with WL9. I know the file works… several free players have played it fine. Is OGG import supported? Bug?

Yes Ogg Vorbis is supported. No problem here. Where do these files come from? Are there really Off Vorbis, or “Ogg something else”? Ogg is a file container, not audio.

Just realized they are multi-channel (6 channels). So that’s probably the deal breaker with Wavelab. Right?


Any plans or considerations for non-montage support of multichannel files? Would be a welcome addition for those of us in the multimedia world. :wink:

As already mentioned, yes this is considered.

And now that the GUI has been addressed it would be the #1 reason for me to throw some money your way.