WL9 Bugs..

Anyone else having the following?

  1. Cursor disappears when using plug-ins - eventually found by moving mouse over dock (OSX 10.5.5) cursor reappears
  2. Crashes often after batch conversion - closing batch window then re-opening seems more reliable.

Otherwise loving the new version

Same problems here!! :cry:

For the batch problem, do not close a batch window during a session. This will be fixed.

:imp: Same here!

10.5.5 is definitely not supported so I think you can expect some issues like this in an OS that is so old.

I use a supportet os and can’t even use the bloody cc121 ! from the same house…

I know why they have not released a demo so far: to rip the people of

me too!!! thought it was a local problem

Lasso: What OS are you using?

I saw this with Waves plugins specifically some time ago but nothing lately. Of course, the original post stated OS X 10.5.5 which is not even close to supported by WaveLab 9.

Sorry, I see that you’re using El Capitan. Do you see the disappearing cursor issue with all plugins randomly or just a certain plugin or plugin vendor?

Are you using WaveLab in 32-bit or 64-bit? Any difference with VST2 or VST3 versions?