WL9 Pro 9.0.35 Crashing on Exit 85% of the Time

So about 85% of the time now, when I exit Wavelab I get an error that says Wavelab has stopped working (image attached). It doesn’t seem to have any common reason for doing so. It’s happened without a single file loaded and without a single plugin loaded. Right now it’s just an annoyance, rather than a show-stopper, but I’d like to know if there is a prescribed fix before I start experimenting with my system. Win7/64 - plenty of RAM/CPU/SSD

Thanks for any help!

Just confirming: you are using the “ctrl + Q” to exit WL?

Negative. I am seasoned “X” clicker to exit programs. It’s like second nature and have been doing it in Wavelab for many years. I’ll try Ctrl-Q but that would be a shame if the “X” was the cause.

FWIW, the manual I think suggests using Ctrl + Q. I have a high level of confidence that this will assist. Fingers crossed.

Confirming Ctrl-Q does not fix the issue =/

OK … over zealous internet security perhaps? I have personally had issues with Bit Defender for example.

I’ll try disabling that stuff but they’ve been common denominators to a working system for quite some time. This is a recent issue, shortly (but not immediately) after upgrading to 9.0.35

Your screenshot points to CFnd.dll being the culprit - I don’t know much about it but maybe PG can shed some light on this one.

CFnd.dll is a pro tools file I think. Maybe a conflict with a driver?

Ahhh … Have you recently upgraded PT? It can seize control of the disks even after it is “closed”. This can potentially cause issues like this (at least on our systems it can).

BTW, I remember that file. “Cannot find CFnd.dll” error. The DUC has quite few entries on it. Don’t really use PT anymore.

I frequently keep both programs open simultaneously and have worked this way with no issues for a good amount of time, however I did upgrade to the latest version of PT recently so perhaps that is the cause. I’ll investigate it further.

This time it happened when my computer went to sleep. When I woke it up, Wavelab was still open but had the crash error. No Pro Tools running this time.

PG, should I open a ticket for this?

The protools module that crashes, does not need to have protools running. This must be related to some audio driver, and if you find a way to disable, it, that could solve the problem.

Here’s Avid letting me know that if in fact, Pro Tools makes Wavelab crash, as long as Pro Tools works, then it’s not their problem. How nice.

“The other difficulty (even if we are able to replicate the crash) is that because this is not affecting Pro Tools directly, and we don’t explicitly test other non-Avid applications (such as WaveLab) this may not be an issue we are able to fix from our side (any changes made to CFnd or other components are likely to have been necessary to address other problems in Pro Tools, for example). In which case it could potentially come down to Steinberg to change their dependencies on Avid components. At the current time, however, at least until we have a reproducible case, this is purely speculative.”

Ah, sounds like Avid alright. I suddenly remember why I never wanted anything to do with them.