WL9 Pro Master section possible bug?

I’m just wondering if I discovered a bug, or if I’m doing something wrong.
I use WL9.1.0 pro together with sonarworks roomcorrection.
I’ve loaded the Sonarworks plugin in the Playback Processing section and it lowers it’s output by -6.6dB because of correction.
However when loaded the level meter on the top window goes down with 6.6dB as well, while the level meter in the Master level section still hits 0dB
when printing the master has a ceiling of -6.6dB so it seems that the “Playback Processing” section IS affecting the chain for print. While IMHO it only should affect playback, not print. So now I have to unload Sonarworks when printing, otherwise the effect is the same as the master fader at -8dB

Is this a bug? or am I doing something wrong?

It’s correct to see the Level Meters show the -6.6 ceiling created by Sonarworks. There have been many request to have the upper meters not be influenced by the Playback Processing plugins so you may see a change there in a future update. For now, the Playback Processing effects will influence most of the meters.

As far as the printed level, you may need to describe how you “print” audio in your workflow.

Playback Processing shouldn’t be present in rendered files but there is a chance that some creative routing would cause a printed or newly recorded file to somehow also have the playback processing effects.

I think more info is needed about your printing process.

Yes, this will change in next update.