WLE 7 > WLE 8, two operating systems

Hi. I’ve got a question on the WLE 8 upgrade. I currently have WL7 running under 10.6.8. I’m entitled to a grace period update to 8 which the system specs say are for 10.8. I do have another hard drive running 10.8 so that is no problem… however I don’t want the upgrade to wipe out my license for WL7 when I’m on 10…6.8.

I also noticed on the specs for WLE 8 where it said a USB port for the licensor wasn’t required for Elements. ??


On Mac, I am running both versions side by side. They don’t interfere with each other.


not sure if I understand your problem correctly, however, Mac 10.8 is recommended for WaveLab 8 / WaveLab Elements 8. WaveLab Elements 8 doesn’t require a USB eLicenser dongle, as it is based on Soft-eLicenser with no hardware protection needed.


The potential problem I needed to clarify was because the writeup said that upgrading will replace the WE7 license with WE8. I was afraid I would lose the ability to use WE7 in Snow Leopard if WE8 only worked in Mountain Lion.

I have since done the grace period upgrade which did replace my WE7 license on my USB e-licensor. WE7 is no longer listed on that stick, and WE8 does not appear in the Soft e-licensor list. So apparently it did go on my USB and I have lost WE7 on the USB forever. I don’t know why it didn’t install in the Soft e-licensor. I was hoping WE7 would stay on the stick and WE8 would go to the e-licensor.

Luckily though (for now anyway), my WE7 is still useable in Snow Leopard even though the WE7 license has been replaced with version 8. I did launch version 8 in Snow Leopard and it does work, and I will say it is actually speedier in Snow than ML. (I got a lot of beach balls when running it under Mountain Lion). I just hope that if one day I run version 8 in 10.6.8 then go back to version 7, that 7 will still work with the license because it seems faster on my computer than 8. I don’t want one to become voided out by the other.

I am running WL7 right now with a stick that has a WL8 licence on it; you don’t have separate licences for previous versions, the new licence handles them.


For me, On the PC, the updated WL 8 license works on WL 7. On the MAC, WL 7 does NOT accept the WL 8 License.

That is not up to WL7. You need to update the e-Licenser software, so it knows about the existence of WL8 and thereby give you persmission to run WL7 as well.