WLE 8 Installation problem fixed

Having downloaded my upgrade from WLE7 to WLE8 from the Steinberg shop I got an error message towards the end of the install saying “wavelab error changing registry data”. The installation aborted and rolled back. I tried running as Admin but I couldn’t get past this point each time. A google search found me this post from a couple of years back which gave me a pointer where to look.

Indeed my problem appeared also to be with the HKCR entry “.ogg” in the registry. I was unable to delete this key until I downloaded the ‘runassystem.exe’ utility, which then worked fine, and having deleted the key the install went fine.

I’m just posting this in case anyone else may have a similar problem, but of course remember that messing about with the registry can be dangerous…so having a system restore point is strongly advised :exclamation:

Interesting. Thanks for your report.