WLE - how to decrease envelope level by shortcut in AudioMontage?

I edit podcasts and audiobooks, I think WaveLab Elements could be a great tool for me. I care most about non-destructive editing, so Audio Montage is especially for me :slight_smile:

To improve the performance, I re-defined shortcut for removing selected area (Delete to W) and I need to define Q as shortcut to decreasing envelope level (6dB) - I need this for decreasing the loudness of breathes.

I’m able to decrease the level manually, by dragging the level’s line down, I’m also able to decrease it completely (command: Mute selection). Is it possible to define a preset and a shortcut to this preset in Audio Montage? I can do it in Audio File mode, but in Audio Montage, where it’s most sensible, it’s impossible! I searched in the shortcuts list and found nothing…

In the fact I think (probably) about feature “Ducking” from Pro version, which I saw on the screenshots from Pro.