WLpossible?: export audio and video in a mp4 or avi file?

I looked at the new features of WL10 but not clear for me: If I have for example two track of video and two or more audio tracks in the montage, can i save it (export) as one file video file like mp4,avi,mov …etc…or still need external program like Adobe premier or after effects to to this?
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WaveLab 10.0 does not allow yet to recreate a video file with the edited audio.
Hence you still need an external program like Adobe.

If you wish this kind of features you need to use an NLE like Vegas Pro. In my humble opinon better than Premiere and with full support of ARA applications like Spectralayers and VST3 plugins but keep on mind that you will need to use Wavelab Pro for audio edition

I use Vegas Pro Edit in exactly this way … WaveLab is configured as the external audio editor in Vegas – Preferences/Audio tab/Preferred Audio Editor. Render the audio from WaveLab and construct the video in Vegas, which is designed for that task and very easy to use for people coming from the DAW world (in fact, Vegas was originally an audio-only DAW).

This could be done with Nuendo 10.2, but only a small variety of videoclips can be handled. A NLE can handle more.

Speaking of which: I round-trip from DaVinci Resolve Studio to Nuendo regularly (ie, final mix & master of audio in Nuendo, then back to Resolve for final video render (vid file types /rez are far too limited in Nuendo, best to use the NLE here & will likely stay that way no doubt).

en route to Nuendo, Resolve usefully exports multi-track audio in (say) a .mov, then Nuendo imports this and places video and audio files on separate tracks, eg: music 1, music 2, wild camera, voice over, etc.

In WL 10, the video import feature does not do this, rather, only provides a single audio file (as per the main master bus vs. individual tracks). Would be useful to see this resolved. Much nice potential here for such round-tripping, but presently falls behind Nuendo in this and other respects. Nice start to re-thinking the Montage feature though. (interleaved surround audio, please).

Thanks to have answer to my thread…Hope that wavelab can do that that in the future because it seem to essential to do this in this kind of product. Cubase 10 pro neither do this !
Is there somebody here that can tell me if adobe audition do it?
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Curious. Have you worked in both Premiere and Vegas Pro? I get frustrated with Pr and would like to check out other editing suites. In which ways is Vegas better? Your opinion matters.

Sorry for this late reply. Yes I have worked in the past with Premiere but not with the latest releases when Adobe went to the cloud. Vegas is very good

Glad your still alive. Thanks for the reply. How do the 2 programs compare?