.wma files - WL 7.2 (600) OSX

So why does WL just not feel like importing/opening .wma files?

I get prompted for a bunch of information (bitrate, kHz, etc.) (how the hell am I supposed to know any of this?), and no matter what you select, the thing opens as a brick wall wave of static.

You mean to tell me that the guys who made VLC media player can write an algorithm that understands how to instantaneously play a wma audio file, but Steinberg can’t pull this off in what’s supposed to be the premier audio manipulation program on the market??

The only reasoning that I can possibly assume for this is that I’m expected to have WL7 for Windows in order to open a Windows Media file, and that this function was crippled on the Mac versions. What else could possibly account for this ??

WMA is a microsoft format, and there is no official support from Microsoft for OSX. It does not make sense to allocate ressources to make reverse engineering and suport this format on OSX. If you need WMA, convert your files once on Windows, then work on Mac.