Hi all

For some reason I CANNOT install my copy of Cubase 4 64bit version on my Windows XP 64bit machine, because even after formatting, it tells me that it cannot start, due to WMVCore.DLL being missing. On Windows 7 4 bit, I do not have this problem.

32bit installs fine, but this is a 64 bit machine, and I’d really like to use it!

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve been trying to solve this literally for 2 years. I can’t find any mention of this on the net anywhere.

Apart from the fact that XP 64 is a non-supported OS
No mention on the net anywhere…!? :neutral_face:

Wow, thanks for your insanely rude reply. Guess you have many friends on here.

C4 64bit was released for Vista and W7 64 bit. There are paths that are different from XP so I’m guessing this is the reason it isn’t working. For example C:-Username-App Data in XP is replaced by C:-User-Roaming-etc. in Vista and W7.

Hey thanks for the reply, but on Steinberg’s download site for the updated patches it is listed as Windows XP & Vista - 32bit and 64bit 4.1 update and 4.5.2 update. Therefore it must be compatible.

However I did manage to find a solution, but thanks for replying anyway.

You´re welcome - seems to have helped though…