Wonderful presentation, Dorico 4

I am totally impressed with all the new features the team has implemented in Dorico 4!!! Congratulations!!!

Unfortunately, my computer only got up to Mac OS X 10.13. I am saving for a new Mac.

But I am thinking that, until I am ready to buy a new Mac, I could instal it in my Mac OS X 10.13, using my Parallel Desks Windows 10 (Version 21H2), I think it should work.

Any ideas why it would not pass the minimum requirements installing Dorico 4 this way?

Thank you for your thoughts.

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I expect it would indeed be possible to install Dorico 4 under Parallels – some of our testers do this from time to time on their Macs. However, things don’t work perfectly when running under virtualisation and in particular you may find the audio performance pretty poor. It’s not a configuration that we recommend or support.

Thank you Daniel!

I just thought of testing it with Dorico 4 SE and see how it works. But I am very happy that in the mean time, until I get a new Mac, I will be in the loop learning and enjoying Dorico 4 through Parallels Desk.

I am having difficulties installing Dorico in Windows because I am used to the Mac installation. But I will report back with my experience.

All the best! Congratulations and Happy New Year

Hello everyone!!!

I am so excited to report that I am on Dorico 4 with my old MacBook Pro from 2011, running OSX 10.13, Parallels Desks 17, and Windows 10.

As Daniel said above, sound is not perfect, it does have some drops. But I was able to even listen to the full orchestra, Akinola - Dorico Prelude.

What is even more exciting for me is that after opening and saving (in Dorico 4) some Dorico’s 3.5 files, I was able to reopen them back in my Mac with Dorico 3.5. That is great!!! There maybe are some exceptions that I am not aware of and not knowledgeable enough to tell.

So, if you are in an old Mac, there is no need to get behind, you can be enjoying, learning and using all the new features in Dorico 4.

All the best!!! Long live to Dorico!!!

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I don’t know which MBP you’re using or any other particulars of why you’re sticking with 10.13. But have you checked out DosDude’s process for installing 10.14 (Mojave) on your MBP?

If you install Mojave, dorico 4 will run without the windows emulation.

Maybe there are other reasons for staying with 10.13. Of not, I used his patch for my 2012 MP and it works fantastically well.

Learn more Here

Hi Kclements,

You are on a “lucky computer”. There is, on that site, a complete list of Macs that are not elegible because of the graphic card.

I have there of those that cannot be patched, an iMac 27", a MacBook Pro 17", and a MacBook Pro 13", all from 2011.

Thanks for the tip!

Ah, yes. That pesky video card. I had to upgrade my card in the MP as well.

I took a quick glance at the system requirements on his site before posting, but missed the bit about the video card.

The good news; when you do upgrade your Mac, you will be floored with the performance upgrade. :grinning:

I noticed that since Dorico 4, my Mac goes to sleep without problems!