Wondering about Melodyne ARA with Cubase 6, and/or S1v2

Hey Guys,

Questions about those using Melodyne with Cubase 6. I just upgraded to Melodyne Editor 2.0 and found out about this new ARA feature that Presonus Studio One v2 has in conjunction with Melodyne now, which I think is a great feature. I hope Steinberg supports this ARA extension soon.

First, I’m wondering if anyone has heard from Steinberg yet about Cubase 6.x supporting ARA?

Second, if Steinberg hasn’t made plans to support Melodyne’s ARA, I’ve actually been considering installing Studio One v2 along side Cubase just so I could use Melodyne ARA this way. While I’m a fan of Cubase 6 (it is, in my opinion, the best DAW on the market, especially for my needs), I happen to like the specific workflow that ARA presents with Melodyne, so while working on vocals, for example, I don’t mind loading up another DAW app for just that part of the project, then resuming the project in Cubase (of course!)… assuming they play nicely with each other. So does anyone install Studio One v2 along side Cubase 6 and do they conflict in any way?

The only other software (besides plugins) I have on my main Cubase DAW is frankly WaveLab 7 and Reaper (which I use from time to time because of its excellent ripple editing implementation when needed). Both WaveLab and Reaper play perfectly nicely with Cubase 6… but I have no idea if Studio One v2 screws things up. I have another DAW dedicated to Pro Tools (don’t ask, long story), and I already know not to mix Pro Tools with Cubase… tends to muck up a perfectly awesome machine. So if anyone has any thoughts on Studio One v2 along side Cubase 6, I’d appreciate it. (But note, this is not about Studio One’s features vs. Cubase… we all know the superior DAW. :slight_smile: It’s just that ARA looks like it could be time-saver for me in some cases.)

Thanks in advance for any info!

Actually, now that I think of it, another option is to install Melodyne Editor 2 on my PT DAW and maybe throw S1v2 on that machine too.

I don’t use PT that much, and my desire to use ARA is really not going to be that frequent. I just don’t want to screw up my main Cubase DAW.

Also, I just read on Celemony’s website, that “Other manufacturers and products will follow” in terms of support for ARA… so it sounds like other DAW developers are already talking with Celemony about ARA. Maybe Steinberg is already implementing this?

Hey my friend!

I’d keep Cubase by itself and use alternative 2 (that you mentioned on your second post) instead. The less stuff you install on that machine, the better it’ll perform. Plus, hopefully Steinberg will follow suit with the new ARA technology and then you won’t have to move from DAW to DAW to get stuff done. It’s a great feature, that’s for sure.

Take care!

Thanks, Jose! I was wondering when I’d run into you in this forum! Yeah, I think IF (and that’s a big IF, I’d rather not bother) I install S1v2, I think you’re right to put it on the PT machine. I’m taking it slow, though, so by the time I get around to tinkering with ARA, Steinberg might already have dealt with it. I actually haven’t even used Melodyne Editor 2.0 yet, that’s how slow I’m going. Too busy getting to know some other plugins… BTW, this is way off topic (but heck, might as well, I started the thread), if you get a chance, check out PSP’s latest plugins… they have a holiday special going on now which makes their prices so good it’s insane. NobleQ/NobleQex is really a worthy addition to the arsenal. Anyway, take care, my friend!

Hahaha, you crack me up man :smiley:

I saw that email, but decided to not look at it to avoid temptation. I must resist…(fighting GAS)…

+1, love to see ARA implemented in Cubase, defo. Last time I tussled with the tempo mapping it was a nightmare!

But then having used both Melodyne and Variaudio for quite a while now, I always find it’s easier to program Variaudio to sound narural on slidy vocals, while Melodyne always sounds a little clearer when shifted. I’ll probably stick with Variaudio mostly but it’d be good to have the full choice…

Hmmm, wonder when Variaudio will do polyphonic??


Me too. From the videos I’ve watched with Melodyne’s creator, he sort of dismissed the polyphonic/DNA aspect of Melodyne as not as difficult to do as we all thought. That completely surprised me, since it seems so miraculous. Or maybe he’s just making it sound that way to stroke his own ego. :wink: Who knows? I love Melodyne’s DNA feature and because of that alone, I’d really love to see ARA implemented in Cubase 6 to get that “fully integrated” feel. I definitely appreciate Steinberg’s Variaudio – it’s superb – and having both Melodyne (w/ DNA) and Variaudio in the same project with better “integration” would be ideal. Or, better yet, a polyphonic Variaudio! :slight_smile:

Oooh! Polyphonic Variaudio…that sounds good!!!

+1 for Melodyne ARA!!!

+1 for Melodyne ARA! I am a bit concerned that we haven’t heard any news on this yet from Steinberg…If they were working on it, you’d think they would want us to know it’s planned!

Steinberg keeps things close to the chest sometimes… and in this case, I will be shocked if they don’t support ARA… soon enough, I’m guessing Reaper will support it, then maybe Cakewalk, then maybe Avid… so Steinberg will likely feel a lot of pressure. And plus, how are they going to let those former Steinberg employees working at Presonus sneak away with this with Studio One? So either Steinberg supports ARA, or they have something better planned. Total speculation, of course!

+1 for ARA implementation! This will be the VST of the future!

+1 for ARA integration! :smiley:

+1…0000 for ARA integration!