Wondering if the Project Logical Editor can do this

Let’s say you have a project you downloaded in MIDI, or even Cubase, but it’s older and it has a lot of CC lanes in each track or event. And you only need some of those lanes and their automation, but most of them are useless to you because they were for other instruments, some even from hardware synths from 20 years ago.

So you want to keep only CC1, 11, 7 and 10 at best. But those other lanes are there taking up space and if you select “Show Used Controllers”, then you get the no space available, or you have to open the editor in a large window so you can do that again and have enough space for them. But it’s waste of space and they don’t serve any purpose, so you just right click on each lane, select “Select all events in lane” and press delete.

Well, doing that one at a time in dozens of tracks is time consuming and boring. So I wonder if there’s a way to automate that. And I’m guessing it would probably be with the project logical editor, but I can’t find a preset to edit or anything online.

So for example, in this track, I want to delete most of these lanes, Program Change, CC10, CC91, CC93 and CC121. Depending on the project, you will see different CCs, but if the project logical editor can do this, then it’s just a matter of changing those numbers.

So the goal here would be to create a preset for it (unless somebody knows another way), to delete those CC lanes in each track with one command.

Does this sound possible?

Without checking to be totally sure, I’m pretty sure you could do this with the the Logical Editor (not the Project Logical Editor).

But I think the easier way would be to open the MIDI Part with the List Editor. It has Display Filters so you can have it only show the cc’s you want to remove. Then just Select them all and hit Delete.

As @raino suggested above, the Logical Editor is capable of doing this. Try this Logical Editor setup:

So, with the normal logical editor, the one I use for the MIDI tracks, I could do this, but not with the project logical editor, meaning, not at the project level, but I would have to go track by track executing this? That’s better than what I’m doing, I just want to make sure.

So in this script, you are specifying that it should look for data of type controller, meaning CCs, and select all but CCs 11, 7 and 10, and delete the rest, correct? So create a preset in the regular logical editor, not the project’s, and I select each track and execute this, is that the way it’s supposed to go?

Close. Yes @mlib 's preset does what you want. However the regular (AKA MIDI) Logical Editor does not work by Selecting Tracks. It doesn’t care what Tracks are Selected - although the PLE does. The LE operates on MIDI Data and can be used in two different contexts. It can be used from within any of the MIDI Editors. Or it can be used in the Project Window on any Selected MIDI Parts, not Tracks. That means you can Select a bunch of different MIDI Parts spread across multiple MIDI Tracks and run the Preset.

I was just looking into this because I have a MIDI mockup I downloaded that I want to take out all the CC automation from except the things I mentioned above, and adding CC1 to the list.

So I entered all this, but I see some differences between your logical editor and mine.



So in my case, what you have as MIDI Controller No. seems to be MIDI controller channel, at least that’s the closest option.

Under Event Transform Options, yours shows “Value 1” while mine shows Main Value.

I would think this is because I’m on Cubase 13 and perhaps you’re on 12?

Regardless, this doesn’t work. It seems like it should, but it doesn’t do anything when I click apply. I tried selecting all the notes, nothing. Selecting at least one CC automation lane, nothing. But I can see the logic in the setup, so I’m puzzled as to why it doesn’t work.

I tried this again today, since I have to work on many other tracks that have MIDI data I don’t need, and I realize that it kind of works if I select all the notes. But it doesn’t do what I want it to do.

The chain of target filters in the logical editor seems like it’s fine, select all channels but 1, 7, 10 and 11. But when I apply it to all the notes, it deletes all the automation in all the channels, whether they are the ones I specified or others. It doesn’t discriminate. Maybe the filters have to be specified in a different way?

This what happens:



It didn’t delete the pitchbend automation apparently, you see that everything is gone.

Any suggestions?

sorry for this late response
but i just came across it
After some tinkering it seems to work.

example before:


it seems that the order is an importance as well as the function and and or
you have to tell it that you want to select controllers different from CC1 CC7 and CC11 or that the type is a PitchBend or Aftertouch and that it is different from a note
If you select all the tracks you delete all the unwanted MIDI CCs at once

Don’t use channel, please as that is something else. Chose “Value 1” from the pop-up menu, that will automatically be renamed to “MIDI Controller No.”.

I think it would help you if you learned about MIDI as such. For basic works it is ok to not know too much about MIDI as the DAWs nowadays do a pretty good job of making this stuff easily accessible. But as soon as you go further down the rabbit hole MIDI knowledge will be your friend.

I will post a link to a site that is somewhat of a technical reference of MIDI. It is not the best at teaching but for later on just to look up stuff:
(Your browser might give a warning, it is ok to proceed anyway.)